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2 Easy Methods for Achieving Customer Retention

2 Easy Methods for Achieving Customer Retention


Whether you own a retail outlet or run an e-commerce web site, you must be aware of the necessity as well as significance of customer retention. In order to fuel a flourishing pace for your business or to extract maximized profits out of the long term targets, retaining a client or customer is a must. A one time customer base can never fetch you the business goals you have dreamed of. Here are some of the smartest and easiest steps by some of the best SEO companies in India to help business achievers who aim to retain their customers.

1. Win loyal customers through personalization

As a general rule of thumb, a normal user generally leaves a normal web page within ten to twenty seconds. However, a web page that has been equipped with propositions which are not only relevant but are also clear and direct in their language and style, tend to hold the visitor’s attention for a much longer time span. The idea is personalization. But in order to achieve it, you got to target relevance as the tool. To begin with, start personalizing your customer’s experience from his or her very first visit of you till they visit your business site.

Some of the smartest and common methods for such as form of personalization include steps such as redesigning images on the web site’s front page, editing the landing page content in an interesting, unique and relevant manner, introducing timely as well as different promotional offers, altering the overall prices of the products on a regular basis and reducing the text on every page in order to aid the user experience a quick and clean interface. It is always advisable to alter your promotional strategies as well as business web site’s interface depending on the response generated from the users. Keeping this in view, it therefore becomes mandatory to check the progress of all your business strategies before crafting new ones.

2To increase conversation, align all your calls-to-action with the inbound keyboards

The calls-to-action feature on your web site adds a huge amount of value to almost every page or peculiarity of your site. According to the best SEO companies in India, it is important to first evaluate or determine the valid keywords which are capable of driving traffic to your web site. In order to do so, you can try employing Google Analytics Search Overview as a major tool. It has not only be proven to be effective in finding the right keywords related to your site, industry and visitor traffic but is also highly efficient in determining the specific sources for each keyword. As the general rule of thumb goes, personalization is an effective tool for customer retention and business success, but it can only be achieved with the help of actionable data. Try personalizing at least some of the important calls-to-action on your site if not all with the help of keywords which you have just found out using the analytics tool.

In this manner, you will be able to make optimized use of the online platform for fetching more sales, and will also help you in reaching out to a global and much wider audience base. Usually, depending on the most relevant keyword, try to centralize all the content on your site’s landing page with persuasive calls to action. Once this is done, try including rest of the keywords subtly in to the entire content of the web site. Apart from these strategies, you must never shy away from experimenting on different approaches for gaining relevant and long-term traffic for your web site.

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