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Month: January 2018

The Importance of Project Management to Engineering

Engineers use project management tools to guide them through the steps of the process. Managing any project effectively requires diligence, organization and a plan of action that brings everything together. Beginning a project without a plan to reach the expected goals is like baking a […]

Easy loans for business now just a step ahead

Each and every business however substantial or modest needs the constant inflow of finances by method of working money to get it active competently. Additionally numerous entrepreneurs don’t have enough money prepared available to them. Hence, small companies as a rule approach to banks for […]

Women in Web Design – 6 Amazing Examples Women Have Created

Women in Web Design – 6 Amazing Examples Women Have Created

It is fair to say that the world of information technology is dominated by men. This statement holds true when we hone in on the web design industry. However, there are a select group of women who’ve broken the trend by producing outstanding websites. We’ll be considering their marvellous creations in this article.

women web design

Veerle Pieters – EU.Fab.com

Belgian born Veerle Pieters has had a passion for great art ever since she can remember. She started applying her creativity to websites way back in 1995. She subsequently established the digital agency Duoh in combination with her partner, Geert Leysdale. Together they have worked on websites for toy shops, business advice portals and coupon code sellers. However, the most amazing example in their online portfolio is Fab. This website has a clear and easily navigable interface, which allows various artistic works to be showcased.

Kimberley Coles – Thecraftstar.com

In no way related to the lead singer of Bad Girls Club, Kimberley Coles is a highly professional and artistic web designer. She considers it her duty to develop online platforms which combine modern functionality with super-smart design. In recent years she has worked extensively on the creation of Thecraftstar. This website is used as a selling platform by vintage clothing and jewellery makers from across the world. It is one of the only sites where artisans can sell their handicrafts in real time.


Emma Taylor – Athomeintuscany.org 

A British girl at heart, Emma Taylor has long considered it a duty to enhance the internet by creating beautiful examples of web design. She established the charmingly named Twiggle Graphics agency and started crafting websites from her home in Cyprus a few years ago. As a travel enthusiast she embraced the opportunity to design Athomeintuscany. This extremely popular blog contains a number of fascinating stories about life in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. It is enhanced by the integration of splendid pictures and an extremely clean interface.


Gisele Jaquenod – Annejulie-art.com 

It was clear that the Argentinian Gisele Jaquenod had an artistic talent from a very early age. However, it took some time for her to find a true calling in the world of web design. Since then she has been impressing clients with her ability to craft sites which inspire and engage. The website of Anne-Julie-Art is particularly impressive. It has a gentle, jolly appearance and features the mysteriously beautiful paintings of a professional artist from France.


Inayaili de León – kindersleystudio.co.uk

The designer who has adopted the shortened name of Yalli has perfected the art of creating websites with a lively continental appeal. She has worked on a number of web based projects for Ubuntu and other specialist clients in recent years. However, her talents are showcased particularly effectively on the website of the KindersleyStudio. She has used a simple interface and integrated attractive design elements to highlight the masterpieces created by the English sculptor and lettering expert.


Sarah Parmenter – Browserstack.com

This highly talented English web designer has worked on the promotion of world renowned brands such as Blackberry and News International in recent years. She’s also attempted to inspire a new breed of female web designers by holding talks at numerous venues throughout the world. Her ability to craft web-spaces which promote products and services in a friendly way is evidenced by Browserstack.