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3 Things to Consider When Buying Travel Insurance

3 Things to Consider When Buying Travel Insurance

Travelling is a source of joy and fun. If you are among the lucky ones planning to go head to new and exciting locations then make sure you plan something else while you are wondering what to pack. When people move long term to new places they often plan ahead enough to purchase important policies like expat insurance in Dubai and the like; so why not be well prepared when you are heading for a vacation as well!

Travel insurance is one of those aspects about travelling that people often overlook and some even tend to ignore. The mentality that the added expense is not worth it can really prove costly when you have an accident or unfortunate incident when travelling. Travel insurance policies usually cover a wide range of aspects like unscheduled airline cancellations, personal cancellation due to illness, illness while on holiday, theft abroad and more. It can be extremely handy rather than facing huge out of pocket expenses when you least expect them.

Here are some factors to be mindful of when purchasing travel insurance-

  • Figure out what you need – Different insurance providers may have different kinds of coverages covered in their travel insurance policies. Some of the basic kinds of coverage would be medical coverage that may cover medicines, emergency care and hospital care, as well as additional costs like costs for travel to the hospital for family of the sick or injured party. Some insurance providers also provide cover against theft or loss of luggage, car breakdowns and delays and cancellations from your end or from the hotel and airline’s end. Different kinds of travel insurance policies will offer different kinds of financial protection; so it is wise to first know the things you definitely need to feel more comfortable during your trip. It would also be wise to check what they don’t insure and cover; for example some policies will not cover accidents or injuries arising due to risky adventure sports and activities.
  • Do a price comparison check – While you are booking tickets and making reservations online, you often end up purchasing whatever kind of travel insurance your travel provider or airline carrier is offering. While this may be convenient it could also be more expensive and not even cover all the things you want in the first place and are quite often a bad value for money. Take a little time to check what kinds of travel insurance policies are being offered by different insurance companies and at what prices. Also remember just because a policy is the cheapest in the bunch doesn’t mean it is the best; make sure you go with one that is right for your needs.
  • Don’t purchase at the last minute – As you would give yourself time to plan other aspects of a trip well in advance, start your hunt and purchase of travel insurance in the same way. Not only will this ensure that you have the proper time to actually research what you need and fill in all details in a proper and correct manner, but it will also give you the time to get things like medical clearances, vaccinations and the like completed. This will also give you longer coverage in case your holiday provider or airline suddenly goes down or has an issue just before your trip is scheduled.

A little bit of time spent figuring out your travel insurance needs is well worth the peace of mind it can afford you. Always remember to note down all contact information and details in case you need to contact your insurance provider during emergencies while travelling. And make sure what procedures are to be followed in case the need arises to do so, so that you don’t face any hitch at a stressful time.

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Rajesh Pratap is a senior agent working for an insurance company in the UAE. He handles all manner of insurance matters ranging from expat insurance in Dubai to sorting client queries. He also loves to write and handles the company’s website and blog.

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