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Birmingham: The place to be in business

Birmingham: The place to be in business

Whether you are just starting up in business, relocating your company or branching out into new premises, finding the right place to operate from can be a real headache. You need a place that’s the right size, with the right facilities, is easy to access, not too expensive yet with a prestigious address.

You need somewhere to hold meetings, if you are a retailer then you need the right kind of display areas and above all you need somewhere you are happy to call your working home. After all, you are at work for such a large percentage of the day and there really isn’t any point settling for second best.

Think big city

A city is the obvious place to locate your business, as unless you can work entirely remotely it is always good to be near your clients and able to take advantage of the passing footfall. This is where most people automatically default to London. It is known all over the world, it’s the centre of our financial trading sector and it is where all the big business is at.

Well, that’s true, for the most part, but London is also hugely expensive and massively inaccessible at the best of times. Clients travelling from outside the capital can often find themselves caught up with train delays and cancelled tubes, while the workforce can often face a fairly miserable commute.

When it comes to accessibility, Birmingham is the clear winner of the UK’s major cities. It is situated right in the heart of England, is served by a major airport and two railways stations, plus it is easily accessed via a number of major motorways. It has a number of other great advantages to businesses too.

Great venues, on your doorstep

As an example, did you know that Birmingham is home to some of our most prestigious conference centres? The National Exhibition Centre, Indoor Convention Centre and National Indoor Arena are huge venues, perfect for hosting your conferences, visiting trade fairs or socialising with clients. These are major business assets and are all based close to the city centre, so there’s no need for long journeys or special trips.

In fact, most places in Birmingham are easy to access. The up-and-coming Jewellery Quarter is proving to be a highly popular place to set up in business, with a range of contemporary and traditional companies woven in amongst the jewellery shops and workrooms. If you’re looking for business premises to let in Birmingham then this is a great place to try, as it features some new business units for firms of all sizes, along with some traditionally beautiful architecture.

The city centre itself is a thriving mix of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and places of cultural interest such as the Midlands Arts Centre and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Choose a venue that’s smack bang in the heart of the city, or select a more tucked-away, quieter place to work, still within a stone’s throw of the action.

It’s a great place to live and work and can give you a flavour of what to expect.


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