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Business Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Political Campaigns

Business Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Political Campaigns

We are seeing a substantial increase in involvement with today’s political activities. People are following the latest developments from the capital and becoming more aware of the political landscape. In some cases, people are taking the time – and going the extra mile – to get to know their representatives and voting the right way.

The more you pay attention to today’s political landscape, the more you will see similarities between communications in politics and in business. In fact, there are several marketing strategies and approaches you can borrow from the political scene, including the ones we are going to review in this article.

Delivering Value Is THE Best Approach

We’ve talked about the importance of delivering value to the audience – and consumers – in the past. The success of your content marketing campaign, for example, depends highly on the value you bring to viewers; that value comes in the form of information they can actually use.

It is that value that will reach the audience best. Despite the thick layer of noise, key political messages that are valuable to the audience always find their way. The same can be said for the key messages you want to convey through complex marketing campaigns.

Forget about focusing on your products and services. Hard-selling is the way of the past and it no longer works as effectively. Today is the era of sharing and bringing viewers content that they actually want to consume.

Storytelling Is the Way Forward

In the old days, you can have a successful marketing campaign based on a single tagline or one key message. This type of campaign still works today, but it is obvious that the entire market is shifting towards better storytelling.

Representative Rep Manweller does it best with his campaign. Rather than focusing on individual issues, Rep. Manweller’s campaign tells a more complete story on how key issues like the Paid Family Leave Act, which helps American families, and school safety are inseparable.

There is always a story to tell; in fact, there are so many stories you can share with a wider audience. You can create a bigger narrative and connect one story to the next to keep the audience interested and engaged. The approach allows you to grow a stronger audience base.

There Are New Instruments to Use

Digital marketing is the hottest way to do marketing right now, but even digital marketing is evolving rapidly. What was once an approach dominated by SEO campaigns and banner ads is now more about content, videos, and getting to know the users better.

When it comes to using programmatic ads and getting to know the target audience, political campaigns are ahead of the game. They have the data to rely on and the strategy to fully benefit from that data.

Fortunately, you also have various data sources to tap into. Today’s digital marketing campaigns rely on evaluation and constant learning for a boost in effectiveness. Rather than sticking to one strategy, you also have the option to fine-tune your approach every step of the way.

These are the top three things you can learn about marketing from political campaigns. Using these approaches when doing marketing for your business will result in wider reach and bigger impacts.


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