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How to Make the Most of Your Company’s Google Plus Page

How to Make the Most of Your Company’s Google Plus Page

For many companies Google+ is a lesser known social network and one that is used by just a selection of businesses when promoting their products or services. But we’re here to talk you through why incorporating Google+ into your social media marketing strategy is a great idea as well as provide you with a few top tips for business success…

Why Should You Set Up a Google+ Page?

We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves – since it’s foundation in 2011, Google+ has growth at an alarming rate! Back in May 2013, it had a reported 500 million registered users, over 60% of which were active on the social platform. It took social media favourites, Twitter and Facebook, four to five years to achieve the same registered user numbers and Google+ has become a vital link between social media and search results. Also make sure your business has metro Ethernet as a source when using all of the features Google+ has to offer.

From Social to Search

We all know Google is instrumental in your business’ online journey to the top of the search results pages and Google+ could be your ticket to getting more traffic. In its two years in the social media sphere, Google+ has become the easiest and most effective way for potential customers and clients to ‘like’ your business, share posts industry-wide and influence the search results. See how Google+ can help you get ahead of your competitors by setting up a business page today and following these top tips…

Set Up Your Page – the Right Way

As with any social page, it is important to fill out your profile in full. When setting up your business page, use the keywords and phrases that are important to your business and its customers in your company bio. In addition to this, make sure your page is built with your customers in mind with engaging content that they find useful.

Take Advantage of G+’s Unique Features

There are a number of features that Google+ provide that social networks like Facebook and Twitter don’t offer. For example, you can add as many links as you want in the introduction of your business page so use this to drive traffic to your website. You can also use hover text to influence potential customers further.

Promote Your G+ Page

When it comes to getting existing customers to your G+ page and extending your reach even further, promoting your social profiles on print materials and via your email signature is the key to boosting your marketing efforts.  Get your employees on Google+ too and ask them to share with users in their circles.

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