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How to Use LinkedIn to Make a Successful Marketing Campaign?

How to Use LinkedIn to Make a Successful Marketing Campaign?

LinkedIn has given solid competition to Google Ads. With LinkedIn, you can attract more prospects and leads on the largest business stage of the world. By gaining expertise in using LinkedIn ads, you can get more leads for your business.

What are the reasons why Google Ads is not giving you expected gains?

People are moving from Google Ads to other marketing tools due to a few reasons. One of the reasons is that Google Ads is not benefitting their business. This can happen when your brand ranks low in terms of awareness. This can also be the case when you target a particular niche with just a few selected keywords.

Another reason could be that if you are planning to advertise in a specific industry where the profit margin is almost same as the price of a Google Ad bid.  In such a scenario, it makes sense to look for other alternative options that allow you to obtain more value from your advertising dollars. Click here https://landingi.com/blog/5-alternatives-to-google-ads to know more about alternatives to google ads.

One last reason is when you are obtaining a lot of traffic because of too broad an area that can cause the conversion volume and CTR to plummet. LinkedIn proves to be a cost-effective marketing tool for individuals, entrepreneurs and business professionals wherein they pay only when a searcher clicks their ad. In that way, LinkedIn Ads suits any budget.

Why makes LinkedIn ads the best choice for businesses?

There are approximately 560 million serious groups on LinkedIn. These include 40 lakh decision formers, 10 lakh opinion leaders and 61 lakh senior level influencers, who are pretty aware of their needs. Some of the features of LinkedIn ads include:

  • Slicker desktop application
  • Improved mobile applications
  • Display and share valuable content that includes video
  • Less spam
  • Premium applications specifically designed for serious business-minded people

Kinds of LinkedIn advertisements

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to target your business message to a large community comprising of influencers, executives and Job Seekers. Each kind of LinkedIn ads comes with its own approaches and benefits. There are basically two types of LinkedIn ads: LinkedIn text ads and Self-Service ads.

Self-service ads

It is a way to promote existing content already on your Company Page. Share your web posts with a focussed audience. With these ads, you can broadcast company news, useful articles, upcoming promotions, YouTube and Vimeo videos and SlideShare presentations. These ads are shown on the home page for mobile, tablet and desktop.

LinkedIn text ads

These ads help in driving traffic to your LinkedIn page or website. Similar to Bing or Google search advertisement, you can easily form as well as feature a killer description, image and headline. You can show these ads on desktop to get the attention professionals browsing LinkedIn.


In the past few years, you can see that LinkedIn has refined its tools. This platform helps in creating a useful and interesting experience for people. Learning about these LinkedIn benefits, you must not miss to cash on them in your upcoming marketing campaign.

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