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Industrial Packaging: A Few Tips for Beginners

Industrial Packaging: A Few Tips for Beginners

Manufacturing, packaging, transportation and retailing are the four broad categories under which the many processes of the entire production chain can be placed. Whether you handle both the manufacturing and the packaging on your own, or you are planning to form a packaging facility as one of the companies that manufacturers outsource their packaging needs to, the following few tips should be helpful in improving profit margins while building a good reputation in the market.

Understand Your Corrugated Cardboard Cases

Everything comes packed in a cardboard case, so you really need to understand the concepts, rules, and tricks behind buying, setting up and erecting your corrugated cardboard cases.

There’s just so much to learn here and even if you know a few basics about things such as triple walls and single faces, you need to know about the exact thickness necessary to securely support the kind of products which will be housed inside the corrugated cardboard cases, after being erected.

To properly know and understand everything that you need to, visit this page on Insite about corrugated cardboard cases, which teaches you everything that you will ever need to know about them. When you know from day one what the experienced professionals had to learn through experience, you already have an edge.

Should Your Packaging be Flashy?

Now that we have discussed the structural aspects of the packaging, it’s time to concentrate on marketing and sales. To answer the question regarding whether you should be packaging the products in a flashy box or not, one would have to say there is no single answer.

If you are packing orders from some other manufacturer, their instructions are to be followed, of course, so that’s a no-brainer. However, when you are packaging your own products, let’s just say that there are no hard and fast rules against being flashy at all.

What to Consider Before Taking the Bold Route?

In fact, the choice will depend on the following factors.

  • Will the product benefit from the colorful package?
  • Does the nature of the product suit the chosen boldness?
  • Is the colorful and vibrant packaging in contrast with the brand’s overall image?
  • Does the survey indicate that the target customers for the product like bright and vibrant packaging?
  • Can the glitzy packaging make it stand out from the rest of the products that it’s competing with?

If the answers to these questions can justify the flashy route, there is no reason why you shouldn’t!

Logos and emblems are created every day, but only some of them stay in the minds of the customers, especially in this digital age where we are bombarded with similar things on social media, TV, instant messenger, and emails on a constant basis. It’s so hard to be unique today with anything, but if you can find a way to be unique with your packaging, the risk is probably well worth it. After all, it’s just the design and you can change it later on if it isn’t received as well as you had hoped.

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