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Making it Big in the World’s Largest E-Commerce Market

Click and collect is proving to be a very successful way to maintain growth for retail giants who have experienced losse

s in the economic downturn. Over the past year, 79% of consumers have used click and collect or reserve and collect services when shopping online, powerfully demonstrating the popularity of this fairly recent development in e-commerce delivery.

According to the Multichannel Retail Survey, 50% of consumers shopping online had abandoned a transaction when they found the delivery options to be unsatisfactory. However, new technologies being incorporated into the delivery services of e-commerce businesses are set to reduce this problem and allow future growth for companies.

What’s the Consumer Appeal?

The appeal of click and collect services for consumers usually lies in the cost. Click and collect or reserve and collect services are usually free of charge, meaning customers don’t have to pay hefty post and packaging costs to receive their item at a convenient time. New Look, Halfords and Argos have seen the e-commerce sector of their businesses boom as consumers are becoming more and more likely to simply pick their package up at a time that suits them, rather than pay money to have a courier deliver it to their home whilst they’re out.

What are the Business Benefits?

The UK boasts the world’s largest e-commerce market, and UK consumers make 13.5% of their purchases online. By 2016, this percentage is set to rise to 23%.  If you’re a small business owner employing less than 250 people, you might also be aware that between 2004 and 2008, online sales grew by 43%.

So, if you’re a UK-based retailer, you need to be considering how you can improve your online shopping experience, and one of the things you need to focus on is delivery. Locker locations and collection points are being implemented by e-commerce giants like Amazon, and it’s time smaller companies followed in their footsteps if they intend to keep up. Both of these services are included in most cloud-based shipping systems being offered by logistics specialists like Data Plug, so it’s a service that’s not too difficult to implement.

The Next Level

You might be just catching up with these developments in e-commerce, but you need to start planning ahead, because m-commerce is the next big thing for online retailers. The market is constantly evolving, and if you want to keep up, you need to update your business continuously to cope with consumer demand.

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