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Do you tell the truth on your car insurance?

Do you tell the truth on your car insurance?

A new report has suggested that millions of Brits are economical with the truth when they apply for car insurance. But although it may seem like a harmless fib, being less than honest about your situation when you take out insurance for your motor may […]

Business Finance: Ways to go about debt settlement

Business Finance: Ways to go about debt settlement

The debt situation in today’s times is a staggering one. With billions and billions of dollars in credit card debt alone, the time is critical for some personal financial management. The most important thing is to behave responsibly when it comes to finances. Reckless spending […]

Birmingham: The place to be in business

Birmingham: The place to be in business

Whether you are just starting up in business, relocating your company or branching out into new premises, finding the right place to operate from can be a real headache. You need a place that’s the right size, with the right facilities, is easy to access, not too expensive yet with a prestigious address.

You need somewhere to hold meetings, if you are a retailer then you need the right kind of display areas and above all you need somewhere you are happy to call your working home. After all, you are at work for such a large percentage of the day and there really isn’t any point settling for second best.

Think big city

A city is the obvious place to locate your business, as unless you can work entirely remotely it is always good to be near your clients and able to take advantage of the passing footfall. This is where most people automatically default to London. It is known all over the world, it’s the centre of our financial trading sector and it is where all the big business is at.

Well, that’s true, for the most part, but London is also hugely expensive and massively inaccessible at the best of times. Clients travelling from outside the capital can often find themselves caught up with train delays and cancelled tubes, while the workforce can often face a fairly miserable commute.

When it comes to accessibility, Birmingham is the clear winner of the UK’s major cities. It is situated right in the heart of England, is served by a major airport and two railways stations, plus it is easily accessed via a number of major motorways. It has a number of other great advantages to businesses too.

Great venues, on your doorstep

As an example, did you know that Birmingham is home to some of our most prestigious conference centres? The National Exhibition Centre, Indoor Convention Centre and National Indoor Arena are huge venues, perfect for hosting your conferences, visiting trade fairs or socialising with clients. These are major business assets and are all based close to the city centre, so there’s no need for long journeys or special trips.

In fact, most places in Birmingham are easy to access. The up-and-coming Jewellery Quarter is proving to be a highly popular place to set up in business, with a range of contemporary and traditional companies woven in amongst the jewellery shops and workrooms. If you’re looking for business premises to let in Birmingham then this is a great place to try, as it features some new business units for firms of all sizes, along with some traditionally beautiful architecture.

The city centre itself is a thriving mix of shops, cafes, restaurants, bars and places of cultural interest such as the Midlands Arts Centre and the Birmingham Repertory Theatre. Choose a venue that’s smack bang in the heart of the city, or select a more tucked-away, quieter place to work, still within a stone’s throw of the action.

It’s a great place to live and work and can give you a flavour of what to expect.


Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs: What can we Learn from Them?

Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs: What can we Learn from Them?

Everyone admires them; some people would like to be them, or at least emulate their success. The most inspirational entrepreneurs of our time are easily on a par with similar historical predecessors, whether one is thinking about the greats like Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, or […]

Ways to Navigate the Soaring Cost of Business Equipment

Ways to Navigate the Soaring Cost of Business Equipment

The cost of office equipment seems to be rising on an almost daily basis. Laptops and PC hardware seem to be more expensive now than ever before and this is incredibly bad news for small and start-up businesses alike. On Wednesday, Lenovo hiked their prices […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying Travel Insurance

3 Things to Consider When Buying Travel Insurance

Travelling is a source of joy and fun. If you are among the lucky ones planning to go head to new and exciting locations then make sure you plan something else while you are wondering what to pack. When people move long term to new places they often plan ahead enough to purchase important policies like expat insurance in Dubai and the like; so why not be well prepared when you are heading for a vacation as well!

Travel insurance is one of those aspects about travelling that people often overlook and some even tend to ignore. The mentality that the added expense is not worth it can really prove costly when you have an accident or unfortunate incident when travelling. Travel insurance policies usually cover a wide range of aspects like unscheduled airline cancellations, personal cancellation due to illness, illness while on holiday, theft abroad and more. It can be extremely handy rather than facing huge out of pocket expenses when you least expect them.

Here are some factors to be mindful of when purchasing travel insurance-

  • Figure out what you need – Different insurance providers may have different kinds of coverages covered in their travel insurance policies. Some of the basic kinds of coverage would be medical coverage that may cover medicines, emergency care and hospital care, as well as additional costs like costs for travel to the hospital for family of the sick or injured party. Some insurance providers also provide cover against theft or loss of luggage, car breakdowns and delays and cancellations from your end or from the hotel and airline’s end. Different kinds of travel insurance policies will offer different kinds of financial protection; so it is wise to first know the things you definitely need to feel more comfortable during your trip. It would also be wise to check what they don’t insure and cover; for example some policies will not cover accidents or injuries arising due to risky adventure sports and activities.
  • Do a price comparison check – While you are booking tickets and making reservations online, you often end up purchasing whatever kind of travel insurance your travel provider or airline carrier is offering. While this may be convenient it could also be more expensive and not even cover all the things you want in the first place and are quite often a bad value for money. Take a little time to check what kinds of travel insurance policies are being offered by different insurance companies and at what prices. Also remember just because a policy is the cheapest in the bunch doesn’t mean it is the best; make sure you go with one that is right for your needs.
  • Don’t purchase at the last minute – As you would give yourself time to plan other aspects of a trip well in advance, start your hunt and purchase of travel insurance in the same way. Not only will this ensure that you have the proper time to actually research what you need and fill in all details in a proper and correct manner, but it will also give you the time to get things like medical clearances, vaccinations and the like completed. This will also give you longer coverage in case your holiday provider or airline suddenly goes down or has an issue just before your trip is scheduled.

A little bit of time spent figuring out your travel insurance needs is well worth the peace of mind it can afford you. Always remember to note down all contact information and details in case you need to contact your insurance provider during emergencies while travelling. And make sure what procedures are to be followed in case the need arises to do so, so that you don’t face any hitch at a stressful time.

Bio –

Rajesh Pratap is a senior agent working for an insurance company in the UAE. He handles all manner of insurance matters ranging from expat insurance in Dubai to sorting client queries. He also loves to write and handles the company’s website and blog.

Blowing the Whistle on Bad Business

Blowing the Whistle on Bad Business

The False Claims Act is a federal law that holds people or companies liable for government fraud. It includes a provision that allows non-government citizens to take action on behalf of the government. This process is called whistleblowing, and it can potentially make the person […]

5 of the Most Influential Business Leaders to Learn From

Everyone knows something about business. You only have to look at the rising number of ordinary people trying their hand at becoming eBay sellers to understand that most of us get excited at deal making. But dipping your toe in the corporate water, and actually […]

Top Four Reasons to Start a Small Business up Right Now

Should you start a business now or wait until the economy is better? Perhaps you are planning to start your business after you get your degree or have enough capital? Starting a business now is the right thing to do. Successful entrepreneurs know that there is no “right” time to start a business. The right time is now.

Here are four reasons why you should start a business now:

1. Low startup costs

Land, capital and labor are the traditional factors of production. However, you do not need all these today to start a business. Thanks to the Internet, you don’t have to start with a team of employees, a huge track of land and thousands of dollars. Just buy a computer, connect to the Internet and start working.

The Internet and social media have simplified the entire business process. You could start working from home and later set up an office, hire more content developers and offer consultancy services to clients who physically visit you.

2. Customers are waiting

Every business is unique in its own way. Provide services and products that customers want but cannot easily find in the market. There is always an opportunity for another entrant regardless of how congested the industry is. The trick to becoming successful in a crowded industry is to offer your services to a unique set of customers.

Business is about taking risks and success does not come easy. Get the necessary training you need to make a difference in the industry when you finally start a business.

3. You will make profits

It is not only the big corporations that make huge profits. If run and managed well, small and medium sized businesses can also get enormous profits within a few years. If you take the first step to implement your business idea and put i all your effort, you are likely to generate profits. The process of starting up can sometimes be difficult, with long working hours and little capital to manage your operations. However, hard work and bootstrapping really pays.

4. Be your own boss

There is nothing as fulfilling as doing what interests you and being your own boss. When you complete your MBA degree, you can start your own business so that you don’t have to put up with other people’s mood swings. You certainly don’t want someone pointing their finger at you because you came two minutes late, no one will recall you to work when you are on vacation because the work load is too big. You don’t have to snooze that alarm every 6.00 a.m. When you start your business, you will carry on your operations the way you please and be answerable only to yourself.

You can start a business regardless of your education, but it can’t hurt to have your masters in organizational leadership, as long as you have the necessary skills and discipline. If you have doubts about starting a business, the four reasons above should convince you that now is the best time to set up that business you have always dreamt of.

Salary Review: How to Know What to Pay

Determining what to pay a prospective employee can be a tough decision. If you offer too little, the best candidate might walk away; if you offer too much you will have an employee who is starting at the top of what your company can comfortably […]