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The Best Office Decor for a Pleasant Workplace

We spend as much time in the office as we do at home so it’s important our work environment is as pleasant as possible.


1. Wall Art
Blank walls displaying nothing but health and safety notices or company literature do not make for a very inspiring working environment. Breaking up plain walls with eye-catching art or photography can create a much more pleasing workplace for your employees and also personalise your offices. Depending on the industry you work in, you could choose images that represent your line of work in some way. If you work in construction, for example, consider interesting architectural shots or if you work in finance, you could display shots of historical bank buildings. If your business is a creative one, why not ask your staff to design some artwork for display? Not only will this boost staff morale and get employees interested and involved in their workplace, but it will create a personalised working environment unique to your company and will look good to clients visiting your offices. You could even consider running contests, awarding prizes to employees who create the best art and displaying their creations in reception or other high-traffic areas.

2. Plants
Adding plants is a great way to add a splash of colour and create a more healthy-feeling office. Large potted plants designed to stand on the floor are an excellent idea. They sit well alongside executive office furniture and can instantly brighten up a neglected corner of an office. Most plants just need regular watering and occasional feeding so won’t require much attention or time. Staff sitting near the plants may be happy to undertake watering and feeding duties themselves, especially if you allow them a say in which plants to buy. If you have the space available, dotting a few small plants around desks and other surfaces is another way to add colour and greenery to your workplace. If space is limited, indoor wall planters can be attached to walls meaning you can add colour without losing floor or desk space.

3. Chill-out Areas
If you have the space, providing a staff chill-out area is a great idea. A comfortable corner of the office with luxurious seating, magazines, a couple of plants and basic food and drink provisions adds a homely touch to even the most formal office. Letting staff have some input regarding what they want from a chill-out area is a great way to get everyone involved and ensure the area is well-used and appreciated. Providing a designated area for breaks and lunches lets staff enjoy time away from their desk and ensures they will return to work motivated and energised. The decor in this part of the office can be much less formal than the rest of the workplace, creating a clear distinction between work areas and relaxation areas. Adding inexpensive cushions to seating adds comfort and colour and creates a homely atmosphere. The more thought you put into the chill-out area, the more benefits to employees.


Monica Haubert is a freelance writer and design consultant. She specialises in helping clients create the ideal working environment for their company’s needs. She recommends shopping with retailers who stock a wide range of executive office furniture so you can choose the best options for your business.

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