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Ways to Navigate the Soaring Cost of Business Equipment

Ways to Navigate the Soaring Cost of Business Equipment

The cost of office equipment seems to be rising on an almost daily basis. Laptops and PC hardware seem to be more expensive now than ever before and this is incredibly bad news for small and start-up businesses alike.

On Wednesday, Lenovo hiked their prices by 20% in Indonesia after closely monitoring their costs. Unfortunately, Lenovo judged that the falling value of the rupee had significantly impacted on the margin of the company and that, with regret, the burden had to be passed onto the customer.


Soaring Prices Remains a Global Issue

It is not just in Asia, however, where laptop prices have begun to soar. We have seen several laptop price hikes in the UK over recent years and, as a result, laptops are becoming unaffordable for families and businesses alike.

For this reason, if you’re starting a business, you’ll need to budget for the spiralling cost of office equipment. These days, even £350 is considered to be cheap for a laptop and, if you employ five people, that’s a business cost of £1,750 straightaway, without even considering:

  • Repair costs
  • Upkeep
  • Software
  • Insurance

So, if you’re setting-up a business, you need to be fully aware of this cost and consider the alternate options.

Making Old as Good as New

Brand new laptops may be more efficient than older models, but this does not mean that older models cannot do a job for your business. Often, because they’re older, they’re available at a substantially lower rate.

Although these will not quite have the same level of performance as their updated versions, they will still perform well for your business, especially as it gets off the ground. You can always upgrade laptops later as your business grows.


Consider the Refurbished Option

They may not be brand new, but refurbished laptops are available at a fraction of the price of brand new models and, for this reason, they’re a great investment for small businesses as you can buy the best for less.


Mix Business and Personal to Begin with

To get your business off the ground, you should consider asking your employees to use their personal laptops to begin with. This is merely a temporary solution for your business but it will significantly lower your start-up fees.


So there you go, three quick and easy ways to lower your initial business outlay by navigating soaring laptop prices.

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