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Business Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Political Campaigns

Business Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Political Campaigns

We are seeing a substantial increase in involvement with today’s political activities. People are following the latest developments from the capital and becoming more aware of the political landscape. In some cases, people are taking the time – and going the extra mile – to […]

How to Make the Most of Your Company’s Google Plus Page

How to Make the Most of Your Company’s Google Plus Page

For many companies Google+ is a lesser known social network and one that is used by just a selection of businesses when promoting their products or services. But we’re here to talk you through why incorporating Google+ into your social media marketing strategy is a […]

2 Easy Methods for Achieving Customer Retention

2 Easy Methods for Achieving Customer Retention


Whether you own a retail outlet or run an e-commerce web site, you must be aware of the necessity as well as significance of customer retention. In order to fuel a flourishing pace for your business or to extract maximized profits out of the long term targets, retaining a client or customer is a must. A one time customer base can never fetch you the business goals you have dreamed of. Here are some of the smartest and easiest steps by some of the best SEO companies in India to help business achievers who aim to retain their customers.

1. Win loyal customers through personalization

As a general rule of thumb, a normal user generally leaves a normal web page within ten to twenty seconds. However, a web page that has been equipped with propositions which are not only relevant but are also clear and direct in their language and style, tend to hold the visitor’s attention for a much longer time span. The idea is personalization. But in order to achieve it, you got to target relevance as the tool. To begin with, start personalizing your customer’s experience from his or her very first visit of you till they visit your business site.

Some of the smartest and common methods for such as form of personalization include steps such as redesigning images on the web site’s front page, editing the landing page content in an interesting, unique and relevant manner, introducing timely as well as different promotional offers, altering the overall prices of the products on a regular basis and reducing the text on every page in order to aid the user experience a quick and clean interface. It is always advisable to alter your promotional strategies as well as business web site’s interface depending on the response generated from the users. Keeping this in view, it therefore becomes mandatory to check the progress of all your business strategies before crafting new ones.

2To increase conversation, align all your calls-to-action with the inbound keyboards

The calls-to-action feature on your web site adds a huge amount of value to almost every page or peculiarity of your site. According to the best SEO companies in India, it is important to first evaluate or determine the valid keywords which are capable of driving traffic to your web site. In order to do so, you can try employing Google Analytics Search Overview as a major tool. It has not only be proven to be effective in finding the right keywords related to your site, industry and visitor traffic but is also highly efficient in determining the specific sources for each keyword. As the general rule of thumb goes, personalization is an effective tool for customer retention and business success, but it can only be achieved with the help of actionable data. Try personalizing at least some of the important calls-to-action on your site if not all with the help of keywords which you have just found out using the analytics tool.

In this manner, you will be able to make optimized use of the online platform for fetching more sales, and will also help you in reaching out to a global and much wider audience base. Usually, depending on the most relevant keyword, try to centralize all the content on your site’s landing page with persuasive calls to action. Once this is done, try including rest of the keywords subtly in to the entire content of the web site. Apart from these strategies, you must never shy away from experimenting on different approaches for gaining relevant and long-term traffic for your web site.

Author bio:

Mike Anderson is a reputation management expert who has worked in many of the best SEO companies. Currently, he runs his own company that provides reputation management and web development services to leading businesses across the web.

Electronic Health Records Are on the Rise

Electronic Health Records Are on the Rise

In recent years, businesses, organizations, and agencies of all types have increasingly adapted to paperless, electronic methods of record keeping for a whole host of reasons. Keeping records without using paper is one of the many ways in which organizations are “going green,” and electronic […]

Five Start Up Tips For a Successful New Business

Five Start Up Tips For a Successful New Business

Starting up a successful business can be quite intimidating, especially if it is your first business and you are inexperienced in running one yourself. When you want to ensure your business is as successful as possible, there are a few tips you can follow to […]

Do you tell the truth on your car insurance?

Do you tell the truth on your car insurance?

A new report has suggested that millions of Brits are economical with the truth when they apply for car insurance.

But although it may seem like a harmless fib, being less than honest about your situation when you take out insurance for your motor may mean that you don’t receive a penny if you need to claim.

Consumer Intelligence are a specialist market research group who have carried out an in-depth study into the car insurance market. They believe that as many as 2.4 million people in the UK haven’t told the truth on their motor policy.


What researchers found

During the study, researchers for Consumer Intelligence were told by 8% of participants – a whopping one in 12 – that they hadn’t been exactly truthful when they applied for their car insurance.

Around 9% of drivers did not give their real home address whilst marginally more – 10% – said they had dropped their true mileage. 14% of drivers withheld information about how many points they had on their licence or convictions they had notched up whilst 15% admitted not being honest about where their car was kept overnight.

The reasons

The vast majority of those who had not been truthful when applying for their car insurance said they did it to try and save money on their premium. 60% of respondents cited this as the primary reasons.

The end cost of car insurance is influenced by a number of factors but your job title and how many miles you plan to do are significant factors. The decision about whether to use the vehicle for commercial or private use can also make a big difference to the quote.

Unfortunately for insurers, all of these factors are difficult to check but in some cases, the company only has themselves to blame.

In 10% of cases, individuals said they were ‘forced’ to provide inaccurate information because the computer systems weren’t flexible enough to record the details they wanted to give. This kind of problem is particularly common for both job and employment industry questions where the applicant has to select from a drop-down list which frequently isn’t as comprehensive as it should be.

Putting claims in jeopardy

No-one likes paying for insurance but the whole point is to ensure that if you need to claim, you won’t end up vastly out of pocket. But by being dishonest on your insurance application, there is a very big chance that if you need to put in a claim, it won’t get paid.

Consumer Intelligence expert Ian Hughes warned that not only could individuals find themselves having a big claim to pay out of their own pocket, they could also find it almost impossible to get insurance from any company in the future. You can find out more vehicle insurance information here.

You might save a few pounds in the short term but the risks involved in getting found out means it simply isn’t worth it. Insurers are very accurate in tracking down information which hasn’t been provided so if you need to claim and you haven’t been honest, the chances are you will get found out. You have been warned….


Image credit : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/28/Mercedes_C-Klasse_T-Modell_%28S202%29_Facelift_20090913_front.jpg

Source: http://www.consumerintel.com

Business Finance: Ways to go about debt settlement

Business Finance: Ways to go about debt settlement

The debt situation in today’s times is a staggering one. With billions and billions of dollars in credit card debt alone, the time is critical for some personal financial management. The most important thing is to behave responsibly when it comes to finances. Reckless spending […]

Birmingham: The place to be in business

Birmingham: The place to be in business

Whether you are just starting up in business, relocating your company or branching out into new premises, finding the right place to operate from can be a real headache. You need a place that’s the right size, with the right facilities, is easy to access, […]

Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs: What can we Learn from Them?

Most Inspirational Entrepreneurs: What can we Learn from Them?

Everyone admires them; some people would like to be them, or at least emulate their success. The most inspirational entrepreneurs of our time are easily on a par with similar historical predecessors, whether one is thinking about the greats like Ben Franklin, Henry Ford, or Thomas Edison.

Today we look at entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Sam Walton and the late Steve Jobs as inspirational; each of them has a trait common to highly successful business people. Each had a singular vision, worked hard to achieve it, including making sacrifices along the way, and in turn, were highly rewarded for their hard work and vision.None were overnight successes, though they might be thought of in that way by some portion of the populous.

What can be learned from the success (and mistakes) of the most famous entrepreneurs of our time?  Many lessons on how to achieve your own brand of success, of course, and while this group of businessmen have all obtained lofty positions in the business world, and share similar personality attributes, each has their own definition of success, and their own ideas of how others can go forward in the business world.

Some of these ideas and suggestions may resonate with you, personally.

Richard Branson, British global industrialist, shares some of his thoughts:

  • Forget the office, work from the home or wherever you are most productive.
  • Get up early. He believes the early bird does catch the worm.
  • Eat lunch. Branson is not a sandwich guy, he believes a full meal of good food at midday will sustain you.
  • Take risks. You can’t achieve greatness without risk.
  • Plan ahead. Think about the worst things that could happen to your business, and be prepared for them.

Bill Gates, whose Microsoft Corporation arguably changed the entire world, how business is done, how people communicate, left college to start his company with a few of his pals. Today he is the 2nd wealthiest man in the world, whose personal fortune is estimated at over $50 billion dollars.

Gates has his own list of tips, among which are:

  • Life isn’t fair, get used to it.
  • The world expects you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself.
  • You will not make $90,000 a year right out of high school.
  • If you think your teacher is tough, wait until you have a boss.
  • Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity; your grandparents had a different word for flipping burgers: opportunity.

Steve Jobs has impacted the life of nearly everybody on the planet; from computers to personal music devices, tablets to telephones, Jobs was at the forefront, leading edge, always one or ten steps of ahead of the competition.

On Job’s list:

  • Do something you love.
  • Put “a dent in the universe.” In other words, dream big.
  • Make connections. Don’t live in a bubble. You never know when some seemingly insignificant experience will come to play later in life.
  • Say “no” to a thousand things for every one you say “yes” to.
  • Create insanely different experiences. Make your customers relate to your products and company on every possible level.

Sam Walton took a single store and grew it into the world’s third largest corporation and largest retailer.

Each of these men have had and acted on their visions, and have shared some ideas to inspire you on your path.

Your success in this world is limited only by your willingness to work hard, and make sacrifices when needed, in order to stay on your path and accomplish your goal. And a ms in management is always a great place to start.

Ways to Navigate the Soaring Cost of Business Equipment

Ways to Navigate the Soaring Cost of Business Equipment

The cost of office equipment seems to be rising on an almost daily basis. Laptops and PC hardware seem to be more expensive now than ever before and this is incredibly bad news for small and start-up businesses alike. On Wednesday, Lenovo hiked their prices […]