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Tactics to Help an Ailing Startup Business Attain Relevance

Tactics to Help an Ailing Startup Business Attain Relevance

There are few things more challenging and stressful than to try to keep an ailing startup business afloat. Compared to larger firms that are past their prime, they at least have a dedicated following and a reputation for keeping them going. A startup company has […]

What Are The Requirements To Do A Security Token Offering?

What Are The Requirements To Do A Security Token Offering?

Security token offerings (STOs for short) are fundraising tools that are similar to ICOs and are quickly gaining a lot of popularity in the business world. The difference between the ICOs and the STOs is that there are specific regulations that hold token issuers accountable […]

Data-Driven Marketing: How to Cover the Basics

Data-Driven Marketing: How to Cover the Basics

Data-driven is more than a buzzword. It is an approach that helps you optimize virtually every workflow in your business operations. The approach itself relies heavily on insights from various sources, derived from processing data in a certain way.

Data-driven marketing specifically handles the creation and optimization of marketing campaigns based on data. It is an approach that can be implemented online and offline; you just have to have the right sets of data for different purposes.

Before you can begin implementing data-driven marketing, however, there are some important groundworks to be done. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can cover the basics that make data-driven marketing possible.

Create a Loop

One of the key components of data-driven marketing is an effective feedback loop. Every marketing campaign you run needs to generate data to be processed into insights. Those insights are then used to either fine-tune the ongoing marketing campaign or formulate a new one in an adaptive and continuous fashion.

An effective feedback loop goes beyond the marketing campaign itself. In fact, it goes beyond the marketing team. You can only do so much with insights from the audience and existing marketing campaigns. Pairing those insights with market information, input from the sales and product departments, and other data will elevate the effectiveness of your feedback loop.

End-to-End Management

Another important groundwork to lay is creating a system for managing marketing campaigns from start to finish. Today’s data-driven marketing is more of a cycle than a linear process, so it needs to be managed as such. Trying to implement a conventional management approach (i.e. doing reviews at the end of the marketing campaign) will not suffice.

You also want to work with partners that understand data-driven marketing, particularly partners with inside knowledge of your industry. If you are a financial institution wanting to reach more customers from a younger segment, you need a marketing solutions provider with experience in bank marketing and the implementation of data-driven marketing.

Line Up Contextual Data

Yes, you can rely on big data to better understand the market, but nothing beats the value of primary data. In most cases, primary data relates to your existing customers, how they interact with your products and services, and how the audience, in general, aligns with the interactions of existing customers.

A good Customer Relationship Management system is a great tool to have if you want to implement data-driven marketing. Using the feedback that you get from existing customers, you have the ability to reprogram your marketing funnel to better attract potential customers. The CRM also acts as one of the sources for primary data for marketing purposes.

Everything else is easy once you have covered these basics. You can set the right objectives to achieve based on the insights you already have. You can target the right audience and attract potential customers with immense efficiency.

You can even craft content that works well depending on where in the marketing funnel your target audience or viewers are. With the basics covered, you already have the data to drive your marketing campaigns forward.

Industrial Packaging: A Few Tips for Beginners

Industrial Packaging: A Few Tips for Beginners

Manufacturing, packaging, transportation and retailing are the four broad categories under which the many processes of the entire production chain can be placed. Whether you handle both the manufacturing and the packaging on your own, or you are planning to form a packaging facility as […]

Why Your Business Needs a Record Management System and Policy to Support It

Why Your Business Needs a Record Management System and Policy to Support It

Many organizations find it difficult to keep on top of the increasing amount of records their organisation generates. In order to keep up to date with the fast paced digital world and shift from paper records to digital ones, it is crucial for businesses to […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Make a Successful Marketing Campaign?

How to Use LinkedIn to Make a Successful Marketing Campaign?

LinkedIn has given solid competition to Google Ads. With LinkedIn, you can attract more prospects and leads on the largest business stage of the world. By gaining expertise in using LinkedIn ads, you can get more leads for your business.

What are the reasons why Google Ads is not giving you expected gains?

People are moving from Google Ads to other marketing tools due to a few reasons. One of the reasons is that Google Ads is not benefitting their business. This can happen when your brand ranks low in terms of awareness. This can also be the case when you target a particular niche with just a few selected keywords.

Another reason could be that if you are planning to advertise in a specific industry where the profit margin is almost same as the price of a Google Ad bid.  In such a scenario, it makes sense to look for other alternative options that allow you to obtain more value from your advertising dollars. Click here https://landingi.com/blog/5-alternatives-to-google-ads to know more about alternatives to google ads.

One last reason is when you are obtaining a lot of traffic because of too broad an area that can cause the conversion volume and CTR to plummet. LinkedIn proves to be a cost-effective marketing tool for individuals, entrepreneurs and business professionals wherein they pay only when a searcher clicks their ad. In that way, LinkedIn Ads suits any budget.

Why makes LinkedIn ads the best choice for businesses?

There are approximately 560 million serious groups on LinkedIn. These include 40 lakh decision formers, 10 lakh opinion leaders and 61 lakh senior level influencers, who are pretty aware of their needs. Some of the features of LinkedIn ads include:

  • Slicker desktop application
  • Improved mobile applications
  • Display and share valuable content that includes video
  • Less spam
  • Premium applications specifically designed for serious business-minded people

Kinds of LinkedIn advertisements

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to target your business message to a large community comprising of influencers, executives and Job Seekers. Each kind of LinkedIn ads comes with its own approaches and benefits. There are basically two types of LinkedIn ads: LinkedIn text ads and Self-Service ads.

Self-service ads

It is a way to promote existing content already on your Company Page. Share your web posts with a focussed audience. With these ads, you can broadcast company news, useful articles, upcoming promotions, YouTube and Vimeo videos and SlideShare presentations. These ads are shown on the home page for mobile, tablet and desktop.

LinkedIn text ads

These ads help in driving traffic to your LinkedIn page or website. Similar to Bing or Google search advertisement, you can easily form as well as feature a killer description, image and headline. You can show these ads on desktop to get the attention professionals browsing LinkedIn.


In the past few years, you can see that LinkedIn has refined its tools. This platform helps in creating a useful and interesting experience for people. Learning about these LinkedIn benefits, you must not miss to cash on them in your upcoming marketing campaign.

How to save money?

How to save money?

With the crisis, we are all trying to save money. However, spending less is not that easy, so how? We have selected for you tree little things that you can put into practice right now. These tips, we use them every-day. They are easy and […]

5 Ways to Fast-track your First Startup!

5 Ways to Fast-track your First Startup!

Launching a tech startup for the first time is a daunting undertaking. There is so much to learn! However, it is a well-trodden path and the knowledge and processes are out there to guide the new founder. Here are just five of the ways to […]

The Top Four Benefits of Custom T-Shirts for Your Team, Business, Club, and More

The Top Four Benefits of Custom T-Shirts for Your Team, Business, Club, and More

It doesn’t matter if you have a sports team and are trying to boost your team’s morale or you have a business and want to enhance your business’ image. If you have a charity or organisation and would like to raise more awareness for it, or you are part of a club and are joining an event – customised t-shirts will always be a brilliant choice. Personalised t-shirts are an effective tool for promoting your team, club, business, or organisation, and they’re easily recognisable, versatile, comfortable, and durable as well. Furthermore, they’re affordable, too. Here are the top four benefits of custom t-shirts for your team, business, club, and more.


  1. Easy advertising for your group


When it comes to marketing and advertising what you are all about, personalised t-shirts are truly effective. If you want to spread the word about your organisation and allow others to instantly recognise your group and distinguish it from other groups, then personalised t-shirts are an invaluable alternative to other marketing and promotional tools. Anyone wearing your t-shirt will become an automatic walking advertisement for your organisation or business, and it can even break the ice and become a great conversation-starter. Creatively-designed t-shirts can also spark interest in your brand or group, encouraging others to get to know you more.


  1. There is no ‘I’ in team

Having personalised t-shirts is also a great way for you to enhance unity in your group or team. If you have a football club, for instance, you can make use of personalised t-shirts to inspire your team and make everyone feel like they belong. You can even create personalised t-shirts to sell to friends, family members, and fans to encourage their continued support. If you have your own business and would like to motivate your staff, custom t-shirts can be an effective tool, as confirmed by London t-shirt printing experts like Garment Printing. There’s a sense of pride knowing that you and your group are wearing the same t-shirt, and your group’s camaraderie can improve.


  1. Affordable advertising at any time


Granted, whilst you can invest in an expensive marketing campaign, there’s nothing quite as reliable (and affordable) as having your own customised t-shirts. If you have a new product or service or if you are simply trying to look more professional, personalised t-shirts are an effective and cost-effective tool. T-shirt materials are inexpensive, and they can last for a long time, and you can even get as creative as possible with your t-shirt design to make it stand out more. Of course, it’s better to invest in a higher quality t-shirt so that you can get more value for your money in the long term and so the design will not fade or begin peeling over time, but this is still an investment that’s well worth it and less expensive than other marketing tools.


  1. Get practical at events


Many companies, groups, organisations, and clubs use personalised t-shirts as giveaways, and they work. Whether you have an event or a product launch, you can give away personalised t-shirts to your loyal fans or customers, and they can then become your walking advertisements. Personalised t-shirts are also an excellent giveaway if you have a contest or competition, and since they can last for years, you’ll have a promotional tool which will advertise your organisation for years to come.


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Here’s How an Ecommerce CRM Helps Your Online Store Build Better Relationships with Customers

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